Representants of TELETURF project will meet at Marseille to analyze work done and next steps

Representants of TELETURF project will meet at Marseille to analyze work done and next steps

Next 30th November and 1st December 2017, Marseille will host the second international meeting of TELETURF project, which is being coordinated by Municipal Sport Foundation of Valencia with the objective of creating a program to improve security standards and quality of sport grass synthetic fields, just as better durability through improving their maintenance.

This meeting on 30th November, organized by Marseille city hall, consists in a “Multiplier Event”, which pretends to explain the project, its advances and discuss about that thematic with synthetic turf experts, as well public as private, in a technical and specialized forum, perfect to exchange ideas.

On the other way, 1st December meeting will have the presence of all consortium members, who will analyze all the work that have been done until the date, just as risks and costs, and will plan next steps on project development.

Six months have passed since the official launch of Teleturf European project and, pending of the important event to be held in the city of Marseille, the project continues to advance as planned.



This first meeting had the presence of representants of the Municipal Sport Foundation of Valencia (FDM), the Biomechanical Valencia Institute (IBV), the Holland laboratory KIWA-ISA SPORT, the European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation (ACES), the Professional Sport Managers Association of Valencian Community (GEPACV) and the maintenance company CESPEVAL.

This Meeting, done past April at FDM Valencia Headquarters, was appropriated to define tasks, responsibilities, key dates and project risks, besides specified beginning works of each associate.

Since then, hard work period has passed and developed in two different ways. Firstly, Creating management documents to plan, control and evaluate each project steps: Quality plan, Explotaition plan and Dissemination plan, as well as the creation of the web site Secondly, specialized technical work done, necessary to develop project contents.

The huge task of collecting data that has been carried out has made possible the development of contents that are considered adequate to implement the final product to the project. In order to obtain the highest quality and the acceptance of the end user, in a second phase, these contents will be subject to external validation by experts outside the project..

It is important to highlight the profusion of the dissemination work that has been carried out in parallel to the completion of the previous tasks, through the different partners, who have used their own contact networks to extend the Teleturf project beyond the limit of the entities participants

In what refers to countries, number of contacts, nationals or internationals, has been balanced. 44% of answers have been obtained out of Spain. It’s necessary to underline coments received from France (14%), Belgium (11%) and Portugal (11%).



Regarding to international ambit, analyzing  the nature of the entities, the heterogeneity between public and privete has been sought,  taking into account the participation of public entities like Umag (Croatia), North Lanarkshire (United Kingdom), Drama (Greece), Liepaja (Latvia), La Chauxde-Fonds (Swiss) and Ostend (Belgium), among others; and private companies related to the project as LABOSPORT, SANDMASTER o QUALISPORTS, all of them from France and with high international relevance.

Finally, the web site created for the project, has received around 1.400 visits from 30 different countries.

On that way, although 76% of users come from Europe, its necessary underline 18% comes from American continent and 4% from Asia.

Next image shows the distribution of users per city in Europe.