The FDM will host the meeting of the European project TELETURF

The FDM will host the meeting of the European project TELETURF

The Municipal Sports Foundation of Valencia hosted on 6th and 7th April the kick-off meeting of the European research project TELETURF.

The project, which lasts two years, has as its main objective to improve the safety and quality of artificial turf sports fields, as well as to extend its useful life, all by improving its maintenance. This project is estimated to be able to achieve economic savings of € 750m per year at European level through the reduction of the cost of renovation of artificial grass pavements. This is achieved by extending its useful life by improving maintenance.

The aim is to obtain associated benefits such as the reduction of pollutant emissions and energy savings by reducing production due to the prolongation of the useful life of the fields.

These benefits are sided with the main European policies. It also aims to improve the professionalization of workers in the economic sector of the maintenance of sports facilities.

In order to achieve it, the project aims to research and increase knowledge about the maintenance of these fields and to be able to distribute this knowledge among all European professionals in the maintenance of this type of infrastructure through the creation of a free online course in four languages (English, French, Dutch and Spanish).

In 2016, the Municipal Sports Foundation of the City of Valencia together with a consortium of 7 European entities presents the TELETURF project within the European Union call ERASMUS + for education, training, youth and sport, which was finally approved and funded. These entities, in addition to the FDM are:


  • Instituto Biomecánica de València (IBV)
  • ISA-Sport (Països Baixos)

End users:

  • Associació de Capitals Europees de l’Esport (Bèlgica)
  • Ajuntament de Marsella (França)
  • Associació Gestors esportius Comunitat Valenciana

Company specialized in field maintenance:


The project will be developed within two years (2017-2018), and has a budget of € 147,550 entirely funded by European funds.



In addition to the kick-off meeting, there have been scheduled two other important events during the development of the same:

  • WORKSHOP AND TECHNICAL MEETING IN MARSEILLES (FRANCE): At the end of 2017, a workshop will be carried out where several technical events will be held to validate practically the progress of the project, performing on-site tests on turf fields and celebrating a working meeting to agree and coordinate the progress of the project.
  • PRESENTATION OF RESULTS IN THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT (BRUSSELS): At the end of 2018, an event will be held in the European Parliament in Brussels to present the results of the project to society as a whole.